The Performance Comparison Of Branched Methyl Stearate Ethoxylate and Linear Methyl Stearate Ethoxylate

Lu Zhang, Yongqiang Sun, Martino Di Serio, Jingjie Zhou, Lirong Din, Yong Zhang, Huibin Liang, Huaping Wu and Jinyuan Sun
Tenside Surfactants Detergents vol. 56, no. 4, 2019, pp. 327-332


In this paper, the physicochemical properties and applicationproperties of two isomers, one with a branched structure (9,10-dihydroxystearic acid ethoxylate) and the another with a linearstructure (stearic acid ethoxylates) were systematically studied.It has been found that: (1) The DHSAE-15 (9,10-dihydroxystearicacid ethoxylated with 15 mean EO units) with a branched struc-ture has better wettability and higher efficiency in reducing sur-face tension than the corresponding linear product SAE-15(stearic acid ethoxylated with a 15 mean EO units); (2) SAE-15 has better detergency than DHASE-15; (3) the spatial config-uration plays a limiting role on the size of the aggregate.