Synthesis and properties of α-sulfo carboxyl disodium salt

Yongqiang Sun, Lirong Ding, Jingjie Zhou, Martino Di Serio, Kehua Zhu, Yong Zhang, Huibin Liang ,Huaping Wu, Jinyuan Sun

Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology  Volume 39, 2018 – Issue 9



The synthesis and properties of α-sulfo carboxyl disodium salt (SCDS) were studied in detail for the first time in this paper. SCDS was synthesized via saponification reaction of fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate sodium (MES). FT-IR was used to characterize the molecular structure of target product. The yield of disodium salt was greater than 98% by two-phase titration. The performance of SCDS was studied and was compared with raw materials MES, conventional anionic surfactant AES and nonionic surfactant AEO9. The result shows SCDS can reduce the surface tension of the solution to 27.89 mN/m at critical micelle concentration (CMC). The wetting ability of SCDS was significantly enhanced with the increase of temperature. The emulsification effect of SCDS on the soybean oil is better than that on the liquid paraffin. Surprisingly, SCDS has a good foamability and foaming stability.