Short course of NICL’s members on ethoxylation reaction at RIDCI

Prof. M. Di Serio and Prof. R. Tesser have given lectures on the ethoxylation reactions in a Short Course to master students and to the researchers of the RIDCI of Taiyuan (China) between the 9th and 11th of September 2013. The RIDCI (Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry) is the earliest professional research institute for R&D of surfactant and detergents in China. RIDCI insists on taking research and development as the core,with the extention of its business to industrialization and applied basic research, and devotes to innovation and development. The Short Course is in the framework of a collaboration started last year between NICL and RIDCI, and it is one of the steps that will bring also to the researcher exchanges in the future. The lectures were focused on catalysis, kinetics and reactors for the production of nonionic surfactant by ethoxylation reaction.