Research projects

NICL is active in National and International Research Projects.


PRIN 2017 – The project CARDIGAN is focused on the use of  Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) that is a dicotyledonous herb hailing from the Mediterranean area  In CARDIGAN project different parts of cardoon (seeds, leaves and roots) will be processed by enzymes, microbial whole-cell biocatalysts or environmentally friendly catalysts to obtain biopolymers, plasticizers and bioactive molecules for the development of innovative packaging materials. This multidisciplinary approach, where different technological expertise is combined, will enable a more efficient use of natural resources, reducing the overall environmental impact, according to the circular economy paradigm. Partner of the project are:

Università di Napoli Federico II, Università di Milano Bicocca, Università di Triestre, CNR


CArdoon seed oil-based industrial BIO-products (CABIO) Project deals with the use of Cardoon seeds oil as feedstock for chemicals production in alternative to petroleum. The research aims to the optimization of the epoxidation of Cardoon oil and in particular on the development of heterogeneous and structured catalysts for the Cardoon seeds oil epoxidation reaction.




NICL is partner of BIOPOLIS project: Development of green technologies for production of BIOchemicals and their use in preparation and industrial application of POLImeric materials from agricultural biomasses cultivated in a sustainable way in Campania region.





NICL was Project Partner of COPIRIDE, an EU-project that focuses on developing new technologies, processes and manufacturing concepts for the “plant of the future” for the Chemical Industry.