Research partner

NICL has strong collaborations with National and Internationl research centers. These collaboration are on themes of basic science and on industrial applications.


NICL is collaborating with Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione (IRC) of CNR on industrial chemical process development and safety. The Institute for Research on Combustion (IRC), founded in 1968, is one of the Institutes of the Department of Engineering, ICT and energy technologies and transport (DIITET) of CNR. The research activities of the IRC and skills include:High-efficiency/low-environmental-impact combustion and gasification processes; Formation, diagnostic and characterization of combustion-generated pollutants;Energy from Renewable Resources; Innovative Processes of Hydrocarbon Conversion. IRC has a long experience on fire safety and explosion science, runaway reactions, monitoring and remediation of hazardous material loss, with several experimental and numerical apparati, including gas and dust explosion reactors, calorimetric equipment, analysis and characterization of solid materials, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD).


The Department of Chemical Sciences has signed with the RIDCI a Scinetific Cooperation Agreement on Alkoxylation Reaction. Prof. M. Di Serio of NICL has been designed as Scientific Responable for the Department of Chemical Sciences. The RIDCI (Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry) is the earliest professional research institute for R&D of surfactant and detergents in China. RIDCI insists on taking research and development as the core,with the extention of its business to industrialization and applied basic research, and devotes to innovation and development.


HNAF(Hunan Academy of Forestry) and the Department of Chemical Science of University (DCS) of Naples in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Director of HNAF and Rector the University of Naples Federico II, have reached a specific agreement for cooperation on science and technology of a new biofuel production. Prof. M. Di Serio of NICL has been designed as Scientific Responable for the University of Naples Federico II. Hunan Academy of Forestry Science is a comprehensive research institute for public welfare with complete forestry disciplines, strong technical force and advanced testing methods.