Properties of Ethoxylated Castor Oil Acid Methyl Esters Prepared by Ethoxylation over an Alkaline Catalyst

Qian Zhang, Yongqiang Sun, Lifei Zhi, Yong Zhang, Martino di Serio

Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, Volume18, Issue2March 2015 Pages 365-370


The synthesis and properties of ethoxylated castor oil acid methyl esters (ECAME) were investigated. Ethylene oxide (EO) can react directly with the ester group and hydroxyl group of castor oil acid methyl esters in the presence of an alkaline catalyst. ECAME with different average EO adduct numbers were synthesized and, through testing the degree of EO addition, it was found that only a few EO moieties (2–4) inserted into the hydroxyl group. In addition, the physicochemical properties of ECAME were studied. ECAME can be used as nonionic surfactants with good properties.