Prof. Martino Di Serio elected Vice President of FNCF

Prof. Martino Di Serio, has been elected Vice-President of the Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini dei Chimici e dei Fisici (FNCF) for the four-year period 2022-2026.

The FNCF is the institutional representative body of the professional categories of Chemists and Physicists. Composed of 15 councillors elected by the 35 Presidents of the Territorial Orders, the Federation is the institutional body that guarantees to the community the possession of the knowledge and competences recognized by the law by the qualified Professionals enrolled in the register.

The Federation also expresses opinions, at the request of the Ministries, on proposed laws and regulations concerning the profession. Among the primary objectives of the Federation there is the will to strengthen the weight of the professional figure of the Chemist and Physicist in the Italian and European society through the participation to discussion tables with the Institutions, the adhesion to associations that deal with the diffusion of the chemical and physical culture at national and supranational level, the participation to discussion committees on current issues having as object the protection of the welfare and health of the citizen and related to technology, production processes, technical issues.