The project LEVANTE (PRIN 2020) deals with the development of new catalytic processes for the valorization of one of the top-12 bio-based building block, levulinic acid (LA) and its esters (LE). These compounds derive directly from ligno cellulose, that is the most abundant non-food, waste biopolymer, thus being, the most promising feedstock to meet the criteria of a more sustainable circular economy. The contemporary presence of two functionalities (carbonylic and carboxylic) on LA and LE, make them very attractive andversatile molecules due to the variety of conversions and functionalization that are possible. This project will be focused on three classes: (i)levulinic ketals, used in industry as solvents, fuel additives, plasticizersor biodegradable surfactants; (ii) diphenolic acid (DPA), employed for epoxy resin and polycarbonate production; (iii) -valerolactone (GVL) and other reduction products (GVL-RP), finding application as green solvents, biofuels and platform chemicals.