Ketalization of Glycerol with Ethyl Levulinate Catalyzed by the Iron(III)-Based Metal-Organic Framework MIL-88A

Melchiorre, M.; Lentini, D.; Cucciolito, M.E.; Taddeo, F.; Hmoudah, M.; Di Serio, M.; Ruffo, F.; Russo, V.; Esposito, R. Sustainable  Molecules 202227, 7229.


The catalytic properties of a simple iron-containing MOF based on fumaric acid, MIL-88A, were investigated in the ketalization of ethyl levulinate with glycerol. The corresponding product is a component of current interest as a renewable building block for many uses. Under the following conditions (solventless, 120 °C, stoichiometric ratio, 1% cat.), the reaction proceeds with good yields (85%), and the catalyst can be recovered and recycled without loss of activity, despite some changes in the crystalline lattice and morphology. Moreover, the residual iron content in the product is in the order of units of ppm (≤2), which demonstrates the robustness of the MOF under the reaction conditions.