Industrial Partners


ISUSCHEM Italian Sustainable Chemistry has been foundede by a group of researchers from the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II and of young local entrepreneurs who are creating a new way of doing research and production. Its business consists in the industrial synthesis of products derived from the treatment of waste oils and not related to the production chain of food raw materials. These oils represent a fraction of the so-called “third generation biomass” which does not involve the use and conversion of oils deriving from soil consumption for the cultivation of products in the food chain.



CapTop, spin-off company of the Federico II University of Naples, has the industrial capabilities and the scientific competences to lead the product and process innovation of the world class supercapacitor scene. We are the first supercapacitor tech-company in Italy and among the first in the world to have the 3V supercapacitor cell line product, besides the ‘classic’ 2.7V products, available as cells form 1 to  5000F or as modules from 16V to 100V, for building the projected capacity.



Many of the research activities  have  been done with industrial partners .  Active Partership: ITELYUM REGENERATION, CONSER, CONOU, EUROCHEM ENGINEERING