Catalysis for Oleochemical Platforms

Maria Elena Cucciolito, Martino Di Serio, Roberto Esposito, Massimo Melchiorre, Francesco Ruffo, Vincenzo Russo, Riccardo Tesser, Rosa Turco, Rosa Vitiello

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2023) e202200783
The present review articles the most recent efforts, made in the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II, in the catalytic treatment of biomasses derived from vegetable oils. The review is focused on several technologies aimed at the production of either biofuels or valuable chemicals: (i) biodiesel production; (ii) esterification to obtain high‐added value products; (iii) epoxidation of vegetable oils; (iv) glycerol ketalization; (v) oxidative cleavage of unsaturated fatty acids. The results are critically summarized to highlight the scientific activities and the main results in the field of biorefinery concept.