The CABIO project of NICL was financed by University of Naples Federico II (Finanziamento della Ricerca di Ateneo (FRA)) in 2016 (PI Prof. Riccardo Tesser)

CArdoon seed oil-based industrial BIO-products (CABIO) Project deals with the use of Cardoon seeds oil as feedstock for chemicals production in alternative to petroleum. The research aims to the optimization of the epoxidation of Cardoon oil and in particular on the development of heterogeneous and structured catalysts for the Cardoon seeds oil epoxidation reaction.


 Cynara cardunculus Biomass Recovery: An Eco-Sustainable, Nonedible Resource of Vegetable Oil for the Production of Poly(lactic acid) Bioplasticizers

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Niobium Based Catalysts for Methyl Oleate Epoxidation Reaction

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 Selective  Epoxidation of Soybean Oil in the Presence of H−Y Zeolite

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