Prof. Martino Di Serio and dr. Rosa Turco of  NICL  are among the speakers of  BIOCIRCE NAPOLI FEDERICO II MODULE (Napoli 7-11/02/2022)
Aim of the module is to provide updates regarding advanced technologies for the industrial applications of enzymes and microbial cells as “cell factories”. The activities will be focused on: i) the use of enzymes as additives and processes ancillaries for the production of products of industrial interest; ii) the strategies to optimize and exploit the productive potential of the microorganisms. The module also deals with the identification and analysis of the opportunities available for a new venture, focusing on the research for entrepreneurial initiatives (academic and not) aimed at commercializing research outcomes.
Aim of the course is to equip learners with the theoretical and practical tools for the recognition and structuring of innovative business ideas.