Naples Industrial Chemistry Laboratory


Prof. Martino Di Serio has been appointed as Visiting Professor of Kumamoto University

In november 2018 Prof. Martino Di Serio has been appointed as Visiting Professor of Kumamoto University, he started his activity in Kumamoto with a IROAST Seminar the 1rd February 2019

Paper of NICL on the cover of I&ECR

The NICL paper “Selective Epoxidation of Soybean Oil in the Presence of H–Y Zeolite,” along with the corresponding TOC graphic, has been selected as a highlight on the cover of Industrial & Engineering Chemical Research (July 26, 2017 - Volume 56, Issue 29). Pages 8191-8398)
About the Cover: Graphics used on this cover have been selected from the following highlighted papers: J. P. Gallo-Molina et al., “Multiscale Analysis of Water-in-Oil Emulsions: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach” (DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.7b02246); S. Chen et al., “Embedding Molecular Amine Functionalized Polydopamine Submicroparticles into Polymeric Membrane for Carbon Capture” (DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.7b01546); and R. Turco et al., “Selective Epoxidation of Soybean Oil in the Presence of H–Y Zeolite” (DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.7b01437)

PSE Model-Based Innovation Prize runner-up 2015

The joint paper UNINA - ABO ACCADEMY "Modeling of microreactors for ethylene epoxidation and total oxidation" by V. Russo, T.Kilpio, J.Hernandez Carucci, M.DiSerio, T.O.Salmi is a runner-up for the 2015 PSE Model-Based Innovation Prize. The judges were particularly impressed by the paper, summarising it as "very good research demonstrating gPROMS modelling, simulation and parameter estimation capabilities for two-plate micro reactors designs used for ethylene epoxidation and total oxidation. Extensive parameter estimation was done utilising experimental data and the predictive power of the models was nicely illustrated."

ICSD 2014 - Shangai 9-14 April 2014

ICSD 2014 organized by China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry and China Cleaning Industry Association took place between April 9 and 12, 2014 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The conference's theme is "New Technologies and New Thinking---Breakthrough Industry Development Bottleneck". At the end of the congress Prof. Di Serio was honored for his speach.

NICL at SMAU Napoli 2103

At SMAU (Naples, 12-13 December 2013) for the cluster Energy, Environmental and Green Chemistry, NICL won the award for Best in Show.

Short course of NICL's members on ethoxylation reaction at RIDCI.

Prof. M. Di Serio and Prof. R. Tesser have given lectures on the ethoxylation reactions in a Short Course to master students and to the researchers of the RIDCI of Taiyuan (China) between the 9th and 11th of September 2013. The RIDCI (Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry) is the earliest professional research institute for R&D of surfactant and detergents in China. RIDCI insists on taking research and development as the core,with the extention of its business to industrialization and applied basic research, and devotes to innovation and development. The Short Course is in the framework of a collaboration started last year between NICL and RIDCI, and it is one of the steps that will bring also to the researcher exchanges in the future. The lectures were focused on catalysis, kinetics and reactors for the production of nonionic surfactant by ethoxylation reaction.

The Industrial Chemistry: from laboratory to industrial plant.

The Industrial Division of SCI and the Dep. of Chemical Sciences of Federico II organize the workshop "The industrial chemistry: from laboratory to industrial plant" in onor of Professor Elio Santacesaria The Industrial Chemistry is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach in which science and technology are intertwined in the study and development of a chemical process. In this workshop, through examples applied to industry, will be highlighted this aspect, noting how this merger has characterized the research and teaching of Prof. Santacesaria


Professor Elio Santacesaria awarded the gold Emanuele Paterno' medal during the XXIV Congress of SCI. The Emanuele Paterno' Medal is awarded in recognition of the contribution to the development of science and technology of the Italian chemical industry.