Naples Industrial Chemistry Laboratory

Dr. Rosa Vitiello

Dr. Rosa Vitiello was born in Torre Annunziata (Napoli, Italy), on October 23th, 1981. Since 2012, she is a PhD Student at the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), working in the "Naples Industrial Chemistry Laboratory". In particular, the title of her PhD Thesis is: "Catalytic Processes in Biorefinery" (Supervisor: Prof. M. Di Serio). Her main scientific activities deal with: 1) Heterogeneous and homegeneous catalysis for industrial processes; 2) Bio-fuels, bio-lubricants and chemicals production from renewable raw materials. She is author of 5 papers appeared on international peer-reviewed Journals, and 15 papers appeared on the Proceedings of Scientific Conferences. She is also author of 2 patent. Her scientific activities are carried out in collaboration with public and private partners such as: 1) University of Malaga, Spain; 2) Dipartimento di Ingegneria dei Materiali e della Produzione, University of Naples Federico II; 3) Conser spa; 4) Kemis; 5) Redoil spa; 6) Viscolube spa; 6) Akzo Nobel; 7) DOW Italia srl. She took part to the National Financed Project: AGROPROM (2010-2012) financed from the MIPAF (Ministero dell'Agricoltura e delle Politiche Forestali) "Produzione e caratterizzazione di biodiesel da prodotti di scarto e da sottoprodotti delle lavorazioni industriali"