Naples Industrial Chemistry Laboratory

Prof. Martino Di Serio

Martino Di Serio graduated cum laude from the University of Naples "Federico II" in Industrial Chemistry, in 1988. From then on he began working in research with industrial fellowship grants under the direction of Prof. Elio Santacesaria. He moved on to becoming a Temporary Lecturer in Industrial Chemistry with the University of Salerno, from 1990 to 1992. In 1993 he become a Researcher (Assistant Professor) in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Salerno. In 1995 he joined the Chemistry Department of the University of Naples "Federico II", where since 2001 he has been an Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry. In summer 2006 he joined the Department of Chemical Engineering of Notre Dame University (Indiana, USA) as Visiting Scholar, carrying out research in the field of catalysis in collaboration with Prof. Edward E. Wolf. He is a member of SCI (Societa' Chimica Italiana), and during the years 2005-2010 he was on the governing board of the interdivisional group, GISAC (an interdivisional group of SCI relating to chemical safety). He is now on the governing board of Division of Industrial Chemistry of SCI. From 2013 he is the coordinator of Bachelor and Master dregrees in Industrial Chemistry of the University of Naples Federico II.

His field of research is Industrial Chemistry, more specifically industrial catalysis and kinetic studies of complex reactions in multi-phase reactors. More recently his main field of activity has been in biofuel production and the use of renewable resources as raw materials for industrial chemistry. The results of these scientific activities have been published in over 150 papers in a wide range of international chemistry journals, proceedings and patents.